Activating Turkey's Geographical Indication Potential:

The promotion and protection of products under Geographical Indications today do not only contribute to achieving high economic gains, promoting quality production and fair distribution of profits. Geographical indications mean cultural and commercial “rebirth” for rural communities, which have the opportunity to render local products a brand.

Competition in the global market is getting stronger. Developing countries need to develop “quality brands” in order to achieve higher returns from sales in view of the limited product and export diversity of today's raw and low value added products.

The natural quality of food, agricultural or handicraft products from these countries' environmental assets make great promises for developing countries to achieve “sustainable development goals” through local communities and benefit from growing international trade.

Geographical Indications provide an unprecedented opportunity for the rebirth of countries: Small and domestic manufacturers, which can compete globally thanks to their mastership on producing local products with excellence, will be the winner of the future